7/1/14 Update

Things I did today:

  • Added background music.  I couldn’t get the previously-made Sounds prefab to work, so I just made my own game object and added an audio source to it.
  • Added success and failure sounds.  Same thing as the background music.
  • Replaced all cacti with flowers!  They look nice!
  • Added a piece of the MoveFlowers() function that adds a random Y rotation to each flower when it gets moved to the garden, for variety

Note: The purchased flower Flower_01 needed to be higher in the Y direction than other flowers for some reason, so I created the HigherFlower layer and added Flower_01 to it.  MoveFlowers() and GrowFlowers() both have special cases to check for this layer and move that flower to a higher Y value than the others.  


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