7/29/14 Update

Things I did today:

Began research on how to update our program for compatibility with new hardware and software.

There isn’t much information about Unity 5 yet; it won’t come out for at least another few months.  However, it seems like the only way to bridge the gap between the newer versions of Unity and Kinect (as they’ve stopped supporting Zigfu), short of writing everything ourselves, is to use the Kinect Wrapper Package for Unity3D.  Though this may not be as accurate as the way we’ve been doing things, it doesn’t seem like there’s really a choice to make.  Currently, this package is supported through Unity 4.2(ish), so I’d imagine it’ll continue to be updated as new Unity versions are released.  Continuing to monitor this situation would be great, though, as new information about Unity 5 is being released frequently.

As for Xbox One Kinect, it seems like that’ll be an easier transition to make.  As you can see here (http://blogs.unity3d.com/2013/11/05/big-xbox-one-news-for-unity-developers/), Microsoft and Unity have come to an agreement that will allow Unity3D users to develop for the Xbox One Kinect beginning this year.  However, that doesn’t say anything about Unity 5; in fact, nobody says anything about Unity 5 yet.  The newer Kinect is supposed to have more accurate tracking, so maybe, combined with the new SDK, we’ll be able to make something that works well.

In terms of Windows 8, it seems that the new Kinect SDK doesn’t even support Windows 7, so we’ll have to upgrade no matter what to get it working.  That shouldn’t be our major concern when trying to update our games.

Based on what Sharon is thinking of doing this fall, it doesn’t seem like it’ll make sense to update any of our hardware or software just yet.  Working with Zigfu has been the easiest solution, and we need to get something tested with the IC Physical Therapy Department to make sure what we’re doing will even be useful before worrying about upgrading to new software and hardware.


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